About US

Daniel Granados

Owner Route 66 Insurance Agency
+(626) 650-0140
Daniel Granados, I am proud to work for you as your insurance broker. I was born into an “insurance family” which gave me the best hands-on quality educational experience. I promise you, as your broker to find the best insurance policy, covering your needs at the most competitive price. I will make sure that the insurance policy delivers on the promise to put “you” back to the same position “you” were in prior to the loss.

Brandon Melendez

Insurance Agent
+1(626) 650-0140
Brandon Melendez, BA in Business Administration and Finance, CSUF. As your agent, I look forward to provide you with quality insurance at a price to fit your needs. My focus is to make insurance simple and easy for you.


We are the most qualified insurance professionals to help you find the right insurance policy for several reasons

  1. We represent you, not the insurance company.
  2. We are licensed to sell insurance in California.
  3. We are responsible to research the companies you might consider to issue your policy.
  4. We have the most current information regarding rates, discounts and special offers that may apply to you.
  5. We are accessible to you by phone or in person.
  6. You’ll get person to person service from us that you might not  get from the insurance company.
  7. We get to know you by understanding your needs and finding the insurance company to help protect your assets
  8. We keep your files, and have the most current information regarding your driving history, and can help you with your policy questions.