Motorcycle Insurance

The problem you have is finding good, low-cost motorcycle insurance in West Covina. A lot of places offer bike insurance, but a lot of them also cost you an arm and a leg. It can be expensive to adequately insure your motorcycle, but at Route 66 Insurance Agency we will help you find an affordable plan.

We Love the Open Road

We know and love the open road, after all we are on the famous Route 66, the main street of America. We want you to enjoy your bike, the last thing you need to worry about is your insurance. We find motorcycle insurance in Azusa that will let you forget about it, until you need it.

Things to Consider

When looking for motorcycle insurance in Pomona, there are several things to consider that different insurance plans offer.

  • Does the plan let you put it on hold over the winter months, while your motorcycle is in storage?
  • Does the plan cover your enhancements and modifications and if so, do you need to get it professionally appraised first?
  • Does the plan cover your packs and other removable accessories?
  • Does the plan cover safety equipment such as leathers and helmets?
  • Do they offer 24-hour roadside assistance?
  • What about towing and labor coverage?
  • If you have multiple bikes, do they offer multi-bike discounts?
  • What about safe driver discounts?
  • Do they offer discounts for experienced riders or for taking safety courses?
  • How easy is it to file a claim and how long does it take to process?

We Work for You

As an insurance broker we can help you find answers to these questions and more. We do not work for an insurance company, we work for you. We will research the companies that will provide the best motorcycle insurance in Diamond Bar, and get you the best policy. As a broker we always have the most current information on rates, discounts and special deals that may apply to you and we use this information to your benefit.